Today's Taxes are Tomorrow's Opportunity

An interesting report came across our desk today. Here are some key findings:

  • The United States has the best infrastructure and transit in the world;
  • We are protecting our environment and living in a completely sustainable way that ensures future generations can enjoy our planet;
  • We’ve surpassed every other nation on earth in elementary reading and math scores;
  • and perhaps most shocking, social mobility is higher than ever!

In short, this report found that public investment has allowed our nation to thrive and be an engine for social mobility. Anybody that works hard can share in this unprecedented prosperity!

Of course we all know none of this is true. We don’t have the best infrastructure or education the world. We don’t hold polluters accountable and social mobility is not possible for many. But we should never forget that it is possible.

Today is tax day, and hopefully you’ve already filed your taxes. Our taxes provide the money for public investments that pave the way for shared prosperity. The problem is that the wealthiest people in the nation–the very people that have prospered by public investment–pay less of their income on taxes than we do.

We believe that fair taxation, of both income and wealth, is a cornerstone in a prosperous and fair economy. We work with state-based groups that are fighting the culture of austerity, disinvestment, and privatization every day. That's why today UFE and our partners at Voices for Progress are sending a letter from families in the top 5% in wealth in the US, urging congress to raise their taxes. We know that the only way to shared prosperity is through fair policies.

You’re a critical part of this work. And together, we need to hold accountable those individuals and businesses that have benefited from the investments that all of us have made and not contributed back. 

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  • Rowan Webb
    commented 2016-03-08 22:38:43 -0500
    It is true that unfairness can be seen in an obvious way when it comes to the payment of taxes. Those with a higher income should indeed be made to pay a higher tax amount just to ensure equality is being practiced. Only when such a procedure is put in place will the finance situation improve over time.
    Rowan Webb :