Take Action

Against a steady drumbeat of anti-tax and anti-government rhetoric, Responsible Wealth members are speaking out powerfully for a more balanced approach. In the halls of Congress, in the media, and in corporate boardrooms, RW members are fighting for policies that promote broadly shared prosperities.

We are working across class lines to support grassroots groups and build solidarity on economic justice issues, like fair taxation and corporate accountability. 

Responsible Wealth members actively engage in a number of ways:

  • Speaking out to the media about economic fairness issues (taxes, fair wages, budgets, corporate accountability, etc).
  • Lobbying state legislators and Congress on issues like Postal Banking and a Financial Transactions Tax.
  • Participating in RW's shareholder accountability initiative by filing resolutions and attending annual meetings (either in-person or through a proxy).
  • Directly supporting grassroots tax fairness organizing work in their state.