Responsible Wealth Pushes Progress at Biden Administration

In December 2020, UFE’s Responsible Wealth Project joined partner organizations and wealthy / upper-income individuals in sending a letter to President-elect Biden pushing him to enact progressive priorities in the new administration. We have an opportunity to push President Biden and the new Congress to make positive changes, including progressive tax changes like rolling back the Trump tax cuts for the wealthy.

Responsible Wealth, a project of United for a Fair Economy, is a national network of investors and other wealthy individuals who are concerned about growing economic inequality and working to change it.

What is Responsible Wealth?

Responsible Wealth is a network of upper-income and wealthy individuals (top 5% of wealth and/or income) - inheritors, investors, business owners - who speak out in favor of progressive taxation, living wages & corporate accountability. RW is a project of the national non-profit United for a Fair Economy that focuses on economic inequality and racial economic inequality. If you'd like to learn more or join (membership is always open), please contact the Responsible Wealth project director, Mike Lapham, at [email protected]