Responsible Wealth 2013 Shareholder Resolutions

In reponse to the 2010 Citizens United decision, Responsible Wealth has focused its shareholder activism on pushing companies to publicly disclose their political contributions. In the fall of 2012, Responsible Wealth members filed shareholder resolutions with CBS, Motorola, Biogen Idec, and Corning asking for full public disclosure of their political contributions. Resolutions filed at Target and Bank of America asked those companies to study and report to shareholders on the feasibility of completely desisting from political spending. To read an blog (archived / outdated) post and a press release relating to the Target and Bank of America resolutions, click here

Follow this link to see the text of the 2013 resolutions.

Company Issue
Bank of America Study Feasibility of Ending Political Contributions 
Biogen Idec Disclose Political Contributions
Disclose Political Contributions
Corning Disclose Political Contributions
Motorola Disclose Political Contributions
Target Study Feasibility of Ending Political Contributions
Yahoo! Disclose Political Contributions

Responsible Wealth has also signed the Center for Political Accountability's open letter to 362 companies in the S&P 500 that have not yet established a policy of disclosing their political contributions. To date, over half of the S&P 100 have agreed to disclosed their political contributions and implement broad oversight, including Aflac, Merck, Microsoft, and Wells Fargo.

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