1% Plan for NY Tax Fairness Media Coverage

Updated March 29, 2016

Millionaires: Raise our taxes to address poverty, fix roads (Washington Times)

Why a Rockefeller, a Disney and other millionaires want a tax hike on themselves (Washington Post)

Millionaires to Cuomo, lawmakers: We want higher taxes for ourselves (Times Union)

Millionaires ask Cuomo to raise NY taxes on top 1 percent (Syracuse Post Standard)

We are New York's millionaires and we say: raise our taxes (The Guardian)

Obama in Cuba, raise my taxes, underwear cat (Canadian Broadcast Network)

"Responsible Millionaires" Ask NY to Extend Tax Hike (New York Public News Service)

'We can afford to pay even more': New York millionaires call for higher taxes (RT)

These Millionaires Are Begging New York State to Raise Their Taxes (Fortune)

Millionaires ask New York to 'Raise our Taxes' to curb poverty, but the GOP is against it (The Inquisitr)

New York millionaires say 'raise our taxes' and combat child poverty (CNN Money)

Wealthiest New Yorkers should pay fair share (Albany Times-Union Op-Ed)

Glorious Quest: Wealthy NYers Say 'Tax Us More' (The Chief-Leader)

Forty Millionaires In New York Request Government To Raise Their Taxes (Jobs & Hire)

51 millionaires to NY Gov. Cuomo: 'Raise taxes on one-percenters' (Digital Journal)

“Responsible Millionaires” Ask NY to Extend Tax Hike (News LI)

New York Millionaires Call On Governor To Increase Taxes (Jewish Voice) 

Read more: http://www.digitaljournal.com/news/politics/51-millionaires-to-ny-gov-cuomo-raise-taxes-on-one-percenters/article/460882#ixzz44K9PjcyP

More than 40 millionaires, including members of the Rockefeller and Disney families, are asking to have their taxes raised to help address poverty and rebuild failing infrastructure (Reuters/AP) appearing in US News and World Report, AP, Argus, Niagara Gazette, Christian Science Monitor, The Eagle, Town Hall, ABC 13, GOPUSA, VA Daily Progress, WLOX, Yahoo Finance, Daily Star Oneonta, Hamodia, BBC Interview, Business Insider, Business Pundit, Sky News, Fox News Radio, Salon, Kansas City Star


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